Empowering Parenting: Practical Tools for creating harmony in the family

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Today there is a heightened awareness of various learning and parenting development channels. Before the situation becomes a catastrophe and we feel that something genuinely concerning is happening to our child, or we find ourselves helpless in the face of a situation that we are not sure how to manage - how to help them? How to reach them? When and where should we set boundaries?

And in general, what skills do I feel I want to improve as a parent? Maybe the ability to contain my child emotionally? The ability to say no? The ability to really empower my child and influence their self-image? The ability to spend quality time with my child because - it's much more difficult than allowing them screen time.

Become a place where we deal with numerous conflicts. Unpleasant atmosphere, loud arguments turning into a daily routine, wearing us down. Above all, what we want is to simply live in a more pleasant home.

Even when there are differences of opinion, we want to be able to discuss them calmly and reach understandings. A home with a good atmosphere where we don't need to take a deep breath before entering but a place where we can breathe freely.

The course before you provides tools for building an empowering and authentic approach to creating a home that is our joyful and safe place.

So… If you are a parent who understands that you have an invaluable influence on your child's development - There is something to do when it is difficult and you are ready to invest in it and face challenges head-on, this course is for you!

The course is based on understanding and extensive experience in the world of children according to your specific needs and dilemmas at home!

Some of the tools taught in the course include:

  • The Three-Light Method.
  • The Theory of Fun.
  • The Principle of Mutual Victory.
  • Validating the child's emotions and needs.
  • Compensation Pattern.
  • The model - Event-Interpretation-Emotion-Response.

And other tools to create significant change

The course is recorded and available for review to internalize the tools. To implement the tools - assignments will be given at the end of each lesson. The next lesson will open after submitting the task assignments. 

We provide support via email.

If you've made it this far, you've already taken the first step towards real improvement and change in your relationship with your child, in their development, and in life in general.  

Empowering Parenting: Practical Tools for creating harmony in the family $149.99

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